Upcoming ICOs


26 April
Revolutionizing Auction And Freelance Hiring With A Crypto Exchange Powered By Blockchain.


01 June
XRT is the decentralized peer to peer ERC-20 compatible token created by XRT Foundation which especially works in food industry. It seeks to improve the digitalization of the cryptocurrencies in the food sector. XRT is the first cryptocurrency which has come with such different concept.


25 April
Plentix is a blockchain based platform and application aiming to connect and reward all participants.


25 April
Robots. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. Next-generation leading on-demand Delivery Company


26 April
Fast and Secure Decentralized Exchange Platform.

Token Changer

27 April
Token Changer is a blockchain platform for distributed financial applications. We design, build and host a wide variety of DApps.


28 April
Datareum’s platform provides a marketplace for high quality data.

Acorn Collective

28 April
Acorn is promoting social enterprise by providing free crowdfunding for any legal project in any country.


28 April
Cryptocurrency For The Traditional Gambling Industry.


29 April
Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games.


29 April
A Decentralized White-Label SaaS Software


29 April
The SPINDLE project aims to educate people, without much investment experience, that investment and asset management is an enjoyable way to enrich their life and mind through SPINDLE.


30 April
COTI is a payment transaction network supported by a native digital currency that can process tens-of-thousands of transactions per second.


30 April
Yoo-Mi Personal Health Assistant (PHA) is a virtual personal assistant powered by cutting-edge, psychology-driven, empathic Artificial Intelligence.

NWP Solution

30 April
Healthcare ecosystem. Intellectual healthcare data market place on blockchain managed by individuals.

Blockchain Hotels

30 April
The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain.


01 May
The first application in the world that lets you create your personal cryptocurrency.


01 May
Simple shopping with crypto- straightforward token model.


01 May
Blockchain enabled Sportco coin will be the economic basis of interaction within and outside the Sportco ecosystem.


02 May
MoneyToken provides crypto-backed loans, stablecoin MTC and a decentralized exchange service.


04 May
HOLD is a peer-to-peer lending platform that provides instant cash advances against cryptocurrency collateral.


07 May
Wemark is a different kind of stock photography marketplace.


10 May
MONETO issue instant loans secured by bitcoins


12 May
DREAM validates ideas and builds teams, enabling more projects and startups to succeed. Powered by AI, driven by real-world success.


15 May
The First Secure Decentralized File Sharing Infrastructure.


30 May
Greeneum is a decentralized platform that rewards you for supporting an eco-friendly future.

AI Crypto

30 May
AI Crypto creates an AI ecosystem based on blockchain therefore, contributing to the development of AI industries.

Open Source University

04 June
The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger.


21 June
Effective solution for customer loyalty management through emotional involvement.