Past ICOs


August 3, 2018
Fast and Secure Decentralized Exchange Platform.


August 1, 2018
Decentralized Labor Market. Competent specialists, reliable customers, online courses from world’s leading educational institutions.


August 1, 2018
LIGER is here with best processes, swifter transactions and smartest thinking. Its advanced features of safety and anonymity are ready to win hearts and games.


July 31, 2018
Marketplace For Travellers And Suppliers Based On Blockchain.

FIC Network

July 31, 2018
Bonds on Blockchain Issue and Invest in Fixed Income Assets with Crypto.


July 31, 2018
The World’s Most Sophisticated Green Energy Network.


July 31, 2018
Quantitative investments in decentralized economy.


July 31, 2018
CheckCar is a first decentralized blockchain platform for the market of diagnostics and selection of cars around the world!


July 31, 2018
The first peer-to-peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing capacities

Green Power Exchange

July 31, 2018
Green Power Exchange - The Blockchain based P2P Energy Trading Platform


July 31, 2018
Your Personal Wealth Manager For Cryptoassets

Anything App

July 30, 2018
Anything App is a next-gen search engine. Rather than giving the usual results, it offers you a list of people, related to your query. You are able to call, chat or video-call immediately with these people. If they ask a fee for their time, you can pay them with AnyCoin.


July 29, 2018
Credit ecosystem. System for trusted financial transactions between people based on transparency and blockchain technology


July 29, 2018
Ternion is a hybrid crypto exchange with a fiat gateway and integrated merchant services.


July 25, 2018
Invest, Own, Rent Parts of World’s Most Realistic Social VR Universe


July 25, 2018
Fuel For The BeepBeep Nation App


July 24, 2018
Establishing a Blockchain-Based Open Platform for the Television Ecosystem.

Loyakk Vega

July 22, 2018
The Platform for Decentralized Business Networks


July 22, 2018
A blockchain-based incentivized global health platform.


July 21, 2018
Phoneum - Mobile only cryptocurrency
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