Symbol MFG
Start Date February 15, 2018
End Date March 15, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Country USA
Payment Types ETH

ICO Price

1 MFG = 0.0008 ETH

Distribution Model

30% Crowdsale
30% Partnership Adoption Pool
15% SyncFab for research, engineering, deployment, business development, ​and ​marketing ​with ​standard ​2 ​year ​lock-up.
10% ​Founding ​Team ​and ​Bounty
15% Smart MFG Tech LTD

Use of ICO Funds

50% Software Development
15% Marketing and Business Development
15% Administration and Operational Expenses
5% Legal & Compliance
5% ​Reserved
10% Smart MFG Tech LTD -

Team Members

Jeremy Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer
Andy Tong, Chief Strategy Officer
Jay Ligda, Chief Technology Officer
Dennis Delgado, Chief Design Officer
Victor Nguyen, VP Product & Operations
Ben Gerstein, VP Marketing
Sharon Wang, UX Designer
Tam Du, Blockchain Engineer
Ali Zain, Blockchain Developer


Mike Jones - Science Inc. , Dollar Shave Club, MySpace
Gil Penchina - Ridge Ventures, Paypal, Ebay
Jeff Berwick - CEO of The Dollar Vigilante
Simon Cocking - Senior Editor, Irish Tech News
Peter Moricz - CEO of
Steve Sprague - CEO of Rivetz Corp.
Mark Crone - CLG LAW
Michael Wong - MUFG
Chris Cheng - Apple