Start Date June 8, 2018
End Date July 8, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 250,000,000
Country Ukraine
Payment Types ETH

ICO Price

1 REPU = 0.154 USD

Distribution Model

80% Crowdsale
10% Founders & Team
5% Bounty
2.5% Advisors
2.5% Other

Use of ICO Funds

42% PR, Marketing & Platform Promotion
20% Research & Development
18% Infrastructure and Community Development
10% Reserve
7% Operating Cost
2% Loan Repayments
1% Taxes

Team Members

Maksym Tkach, Co-founder
Maksym Lenets, Co-Founder
Bohdan Pavlyshenko, Chief Delivery Officer
Maksym Trostyanchuk, Mobile Solutions Manager
Nazar Ivanchuk, Technical Lead
Viktor Skabiak, Middle Android Software Engineer
Yuriy Pyrko Python, Software Engineer
Oleksandr Samborskiy, PHP/Angular Developer
Constantine Mizgirov, QA Lead
Danylo Pidhainyi, QA Engineer
Igor Marckevych, Chief Legal Officer
Leonid Pokrova, Legal & Compliance
Maksym Ivanyshyn, Legal & Compliance
Alla Macewicz, Legal & Compliance


Peter Zhalov
Samuel Dionne
Dinesh Desu
Tom Budd
Kos Chekanov
Saurav Tomar