Symbol EQC
Start Date December 1, 2017
End Date December 31, 2017
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum & NEM
Total Supply 750,000,000
Payment Types ETH, XEM

ICO Price


Distribution Model

60% Crowdsale
15% Bounties & Promotions
15% Founders and Early Supporters
10% Contingency

Use of ICO Funds

44% Funding will be used to compensate team members and incentivize for continued development.
11% Invested in research and development and technological infrastructure costs, such as server expenses.
10% Held as a contingency reserve
5% Physical working environment.
5% Invested in expanding our marketing capabilities by hiring additional marketers, product ambassadors, and community managers.
5% Legal costs and counsel

Team Members

Wally Xie, Chief Executive Officer
Roy Zhao, Chief Technology Officer
Angela Wang, Chief Content Officer
James Rathmell, Vice President - Corporate Development
Lingge Li, Data Scientist & Back-end Developer
Shiva Kandaswami, Full-Stack Developer
Dennis Tambovcev,Technical Marketing Specialist
Galen Yacalis, Project Manager
Kaito Yanai, Community Manager


Lon Wong, Business Advisor( President - Foundation)
Misho Ceko, Operations Advisor (COO & Senior Associate Dean, University of Chicago Harris Public Policy)
Evgeny Yurtaev, Ethereum & Blockchain Advisor ( CEO & Co-founder, Zerion)
Keval Shah, Data Science Advisor
Charles Agbaje, Creative Advisor