Symbol NCT
Start Date February 6, 2018
End Date March 8, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Country Puerto Rico
Payment Types ETH

ICO Price


Distribution Model

70% Token Sale
30% Other

Use of ICO Funds

54.51% Developer Salaries
14.49% Legal
13.62% Marketing
10.32% Tax
4.06% Operational Overhead
3.00% Office Expenses

Team Members

Steve Bassi, CEO & Founder
Paul Makowski, CTO & Co-founder
Ben Schmidt, Director of Product Security & Co-founder
Nick Davis, COO & Co-founder
Max Koo, Senior Backend developer & Co-founder
Adrian Escude, CMO
Bill Fehr, VP of Growth & Partnership
Evelyn Hytopoulos, Chief Economist & Data Scientist
Jessica Thiefels, Community Manager


Dan Guido, Co-Founder & CEO of Trail of Bits
Mark Tonnesen, Senior Executive / CIO / CSO
Carl Hoffman, CEO of Basis Technology Corp