Symbol PENT
Start Date April 9, 2018
End Date May 9, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Country USA
Payment Types ETH, BTC, LTC

ICO Price

1 PENT = 1 USD


Complexity of the Technology
Accessibility of the Products
Identifying Smart Investment in a Crowded Market
Need for Education


Ease of Entry
Professional Asset Management
Research and Analysis Team
Educational Content Library

PentaFund enables investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market through a tokenized fund designed to deliver superior risk adjusted returns.

Pentacore tokens (PENT) represent fractional ownership in the Net Asset Value (NAV) of PentaFund.

Tokens can be purchased in our upcoming Token Sale with redemption periods that will be offered every 3 months.

Investors can participate by using a variety of different cryptocurrencies.

All funds raised, net of the first month’s management fee, will be directly invested in an actively managed portfolio of crypto-assets.

Team Members

James Nitze, Co-founder
Robert Karpel, Co-founder
Ralph Cimmino, CIO
Bridge Craven, Finance
Stacey Wisnom, Marketing
Tyler Manger, Marketing
Catherine-Gail Reinhard, Marketing
Gina Kegel, Marketing
Yan Hughes, Technology
Gevork Grigoryan, Technology
Jordan Stojanovski, Technology
Tristan Chaudhry, Technology
Benjamin de Seingalt, Legal


Jeff Lyon, Strategig Advisor