Symbol NKL
Start Date April 12, 2018
End Date May 25, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 40,000,000
Country Australia
Payment Types ETH, BTC

ICO Price

1 NKL = 0.65 USD

Distribution Model

30% Crowdsale
45% Reserve for loyality rewards
10% Team
7% Advisors
5% Bonuses and bounty
3% Marketing

Team Members

Justin Heagney, Founder & CEO
James Cooper, Project Development Manager Co-Founder
Lachlan Harrison, Lead Backend Developer
Arkady Alexander, Frontend and Full-stack Developer
Kiran Jain, UI/UX Designer
Reptar Yhu, Smart Contract Engineer
Feng Hsiao, CMO Co-Founder
Thelma Runolfsson, PR Director


Andrej Plankar, Blockchain Specialist
Philip Shelper, CEO Loyalty & Reward Co
Ping Fu, Executive Chairman of Gelsight Inc
Francesco Alessandrini, Start Up and Financial Advisor
Peter Moloney