Symbol GREEN
Start Date May 30, 2018
End Date June 29, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Country Gibraltar

ICO Price


Distribution Model

45% Crowdsale
25% Company
15% Greeneum Growth: Bounty Program, Partners, Early Adopters
15% Team

Use of ICO Funds

50% R&D
20% Marketing
10% Contractors
10% Contingency
10% Complementary Projects

Team Members

Assaf Ben-Or, Founder & CEO
Elya Dolev, Co-Founder & CTO
Bradley Hook, COO
Edward Gorbis, Director of Business Development
Yau Ben-Or, Co-Founder
Rodrigo Rapoport, Director of Projects
Kevin Hung, Blockchain Software Engineer
Guillermo Wajner, Business Development and Digital Marketing
Nadya Suleymanova, Senior Softwarre Developer
Tom Budd, Business Development Sales


Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO Coin Agenda
Phillip Inberg, Principle Advisor Empirical pi
Albert Bareli, CEO Seagon
Martin A Bayugar, Founder and Executive Chairman en Latin Renewables