Symbol CCX
Start Date April 9, 2018
End Date May 16, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Country UK

ICO Price

1 CCX = 0.001 ETH


Our mission is to support investors by providing benchmarks and data solutions in order to have an accurate view of the cryptocurrency market environment so that they can manage and build better portfolios.

Cryptocurrency Indexes & Market Data
We will offer various ranges of indexes, each having different calculation methods with a fixed number of index constituents. As time passes and the market shifts one way or another, we will endeavour to meet client’s appetites for newer ranges of indexes and customized solutions.

Backtesting Tools & Machine Learning
The CRYX platform will be a place where you will be able to test your cryptocurrency investments and trading strategies. Our high-quality database will provide the necessary information to analyse market prices, cryptocurrency buckets and technical indicators. Applications of Machine learning on prices and trend forecasting are also being developed.

Analytics Tools
The CRYX Research team aims to provide quantitative analyses and empirical studies via our community interface. We would like to provide to our community some insights and updates on the current cryptocurrency market behaviour across three key divisions: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis & Quantitative Analysis.

The CRYX Ecosystem
Be part of the CRYX Ecosystem within which the CRYX Team, Individual Contributors and Investors, Crypto Funds and Third-party data vendors will be interacting and exchanging data and strategies on cryptocurrencies. Grow the CRYX Community and benefit from it!

Distribution Model

98% Crowdsale
2% Team

Use of ICO Funds

30% Product Development
30% Marketing
30% New Workforce
5% Legal
5% Other

Team Members

Olivier Al-Khatib, CEO
Niroshan Logeswaran, CTO
Zahid Hossain, Head of Research
Florian Cadet, Head of Sales & Marketing


Valentin Courgeau, PhD in Deep Learning
Antoine Khatib, Cryptocurrency Expert
Karlson Lee, Cryptocurrency Expert
Ehab Abdallah, Cryptocurrency Expert
Raban Aso, Cryptocurrency Expert
Amina Habchi, Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Expert
Solène Collot, PhD in Quantitative Finance
Eugene Valassakis, Solidity Expert