Symbol CLIN
Start Date February 21, 2018
End Date May 31, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 3,000,000,000
Country USA
Payment Types BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USD

ICO Price

1 CLIN = $.03 USD

Distribution Model

52.4% Crowdsale
20% Community Rewards Pool
17.6% Partners/Developers/Growth
8% Company/Team
2% Advisors/Consultants

Use of ICO Funds

67% Product & Support
20% Biz Dev & Marketing
8% Legal & Accounting
5% Miscellaneous

Team Members

Noel Chandler, Co-Founder and CEO
Jay Sachdev, Co-Founder and CTO
Daaron Dwyer, Senior Software Engineer
Carl Inniss, Senior Software Engineer
Charlotte Justice, Director, Customer Success
Mary Beth Shields, Client Services Manager
Harry Antibus, Strategy & Market Development
Proshonjit Das, Blockchain Developer
Jamie Seymour, Account Executive
Gil Bindelglas, Blockchain Consultant
Mark Schwartz, Legal Counsel
Issey Morita, Marketing Manager, Japan
Ahmad Tahhan, Front-End Developer
Andrea Jones, Community and Social Media
Mobeen Muzzammil, UI/UX Designer
Matthew Fuller, Digital Marketing Manager


Nate D’Amico, Product Design, Architecture TechBureau/COMSA
Kai Gradert, UX (Google, Adobe, AngelList)
Anne Zielinkski, VP of Partnerships (BioClinica, Medidata)
Patrick Crane, CMO, VP of Marketing (LinkedIn, Yahoo!)
Adam Piandes, Leadership and Growth Expert
Ed Stevens, Healthcare Communications
Jamieson Chandler, Community Development
James Maskell, Author of Evolution of Medicine & CEO kNew Health