Symbol BIT
Start Date April 9, 2018
End Date April 30, 2018
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 2,000,000,000
Country Singapore
Payment Types ETH, BTC

ICO Price

1 BIT = 0.0000347 ETH

How BIT works
Our mission is to create the rewards and loyalty platform that will permeate the online retailers of all shapes and sizes and connect them with their customers by virtue of BIT tokens.

Merchants get BIT software for FREE
Based on the innovative and profitable product with 5 year market history. Revenue grows by 17% avg.

Shoppers get rewards in BIT tokens
For their purchases, friends’ invites, Facebook likes and a lot more. BIT can be redeemed or cashed out.

Merchants buy BIT, people hold BIT
Shoppers get liquid token, merchants get more sales. Community benefits from the ecosystem growth.

Distribution Model

64% Crowdsale
14% Management
12% Reserve for Liquidity
3.50% Advisors
2.50% Marketing
2% Bounty
2% Contingency

Team Members

Alex Egorov, CEO
Alexander Nevidimov, CTO
Andrey Kladov, Mobile Architecture, Blockchain
Vitaliy Makarenko, COO
Marat Arslanov, CMO
Segey Alisov, Head of Design
Ilya Starovoitov, Business Development
Slava Zytsar, Frontend Engineer
Dmitri Semenov, QA Engineer
Max Litkevich, Technical Support Engineer
Alexey Gritsyna, Business Development
Rumen Slavchov, PR, IR, Marketing and Stucturing
Nick Avramov, Head of PR
Iaroslav Marakhonov, Head of Communications
Alexander Bulekov, Head of Communications
Alina Terehova, Community Manager
Vladislav Sheludchenkov, Community Manager


Ivan Anichkov, Enterprise solutions, Data Expert,
John McNaughton, Payments Processing and Finance Advisor
Jason Hung, technology, Greater China Scaling
Sergey Fradkov, International Scaling and Business Development
Roman Yankovskiy, Legal Advisor
Nathan Christian, Blockchain Technology Advisor
Sergei Repko, ICO Strategy, Marketing, IR
Sergey Sidorov, CEO and Founder,
Ankit Talwar, Founder and CEO,
Paul Ryazanov, Founder and CEO,
Victor Sadygov, Managing Partner Nika Estate