Symbol ATHAU
Start Date November 28, 2017
End Date December 28, 2017
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply 10,000,000,000
Country USA
Payment Types ETH, BTC, USD

ICO Price

1 ATHAU = 0.01USD

Distribution Model

25% Crowdsale
35% Retained by AuthenticID
35% Adoption Reward Tokens
5% Bounties and Token Sale Costs

Team Members

R. Bruce Reeves, Executive Chairman
Blair Cohen, Chief Evangelist & President
Jeff S. Jani, EVP & COO
Richard A. Huber, EVP & CTO
Todd Reeves, VP of Finance & Admin
Jon Busey, InfoSec Director
Ric Merrifield, Customer Experience & Delivery
Shawn Firminger, Project Manager
Stephen Thwaits, VP of Product Management
Allison Cassara, Visual & UI/UX Designer
Kiran Kumar Tadaka, Director of Engineering
Ashutosh Tiwari, Engineering Manager
Paul Dhaliwal, Networking & Databases
Raveendar Allaparthi, Lead Architect
Satya Mallick, Computer Vision / Machine Learning
Matt Flagg, Computer Vision / Machine Learning


Jim Karkanias, Artificial Intelligence
Bharath Rao, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
Andy Singleton, Blockchain / Business Innovation
Ken Moyle, Digital Transformation
Janet Lawless, Forensic Fraud
Steve Bacastow, Payment Innovation
Stephen Harrington, Blockchain / Scientific Advisor