Ongoing ICOs


8 Days Left
Bitmillex Is The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform That Is More Than Just A Mere Exchange.


38 Days Left
High-secure payment algorithm.


2 Days Left
Taskfair is the US based home services on demand platform connecting users with local businesses and contractors.


2 Days Left
AIDA SERVICE provides automated sales and services without intermediaries.


2 Days Left
Nickelcoin is an evolutional cryptocurrency introduced for merchants, business owners and consumers that offer traditional solutions for customer Loyalty programs and Digital gift cards.

Token Changer

4 Days Left
Token Changer is a blockchain platform for distributed financial applications. We design, build and host a wide variety of DApps.


4 Days Left
Connecting Artificial Intelligence and and Blockchain for value chain optimisation


5 Days Left
Cryptocurrency For The Traditional Gambling Industry.


7 Days Left
QUASA is the Fisrt Decentralized Platform of Cargo Transportation.


7 Days Left
Adblurb is a new generation of Marketing and Advertising. All data will exist on the blockchain instead of centralized servers.


7 Days Left
COTI is a payment transaction network supported by a native digital currency that can process tens-of-thousands of transactions per second.


7 Days Left
Vanywhere is a live skill-sharing platform that instantly connects people seeking and offering skills.


7 Days Left
A decentralized on-demand food delivery service.


8 Days Left
The HACK Fund is a venture fund created by Hackers/Founders (H/F) that uses blockchain technology to provide accelerated liquidity to investors.


8 Days Left
Petro is the first State-issued cryptoasset.


8 Days Left
Clinicoin is a blockchain platform that pays you to be healthy and connects you with people who help keep you that way.

Blockchain Hotels

8 Days Left
The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain.


8 Days Left
Blockchain enabled Sportco coin will be the economic basis of interaction within and outside the Sportco ecosystem.


8 Days Left
HOLD is a peer-to-peer lending platform that provides instant cash advances against cryptocurrency collateral.


9 Days Left
EOS.IO is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.


9 Days Left
Simple shopping with crypto- straightforward token model.

NWP Solution

9 Days Left
Healthcare ecosystem. Intellectual healthcare data market place on blockchain managed by individuals.


10 Days Left
MoneyToken provides crypto-backed loans, stablecoin MTC and a decentralized exchange service.


13 Days Left
The First Secure Decentralized File Sharing Infrastructure.


17 Days Left
Taklimakan Network is a decentralized investment and educational business platform for cryptocurrency investors, traders, analysts being a connecting resource between beginners and experts.


17 Days Left
The digital ecosystem simplifying your world through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis.


18 Days Left
L-Pesa creates blockchain-based, smart contract loans enabling people across the internet to grow their businesses and become thriving entrepreneurs.


18 Days Left
LIGER aims to build a widespread community of users in the fantasy sports and casino space. In essence, LIGER seeks to decentralize the marketplace for online as well as offline gaming, making it intermediary-free.


20 Days Left
MyDFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) is a token used in fantasy sports games. It helps provide a simple secure interface between the players and the league action that they love.

The 4th Pillar

20 Days Left
The 4th Pillar project is a partly privately and partly public sale contribution-funded blockchain human resources and finance connecting platform for individuals and organizations.


23 Days Left
BitNautic is a decentralized shipping and cargo platform based on blockchain technology.


23 Days Left
Binkd broker site and mobile app along with the Binkd Decentralized Exchange (BDEX) will revolutionize the way people buy and sell cryptocurrency around the world.


23 Days Left
A one-off web portal designed to assess the skills of candidates using a proprietary scoring system.


23 Days Left
LevelNet integrates virtually all existing anti-virus technologies into one simple, user-friendly application.


23 Days Left
The Community-Owned P2P Exchange


28 Days Left
Utrum is a decentralized platform providing reputation-based and quality-curated Crypto reviews, analysis, and market predictions for cryptocurrency investors and newbies.

Korona Coin

29 Days Left
Introducing the most reliable bias free, decentralized marketplace based on the revolutionary Lightning Network technology.


29 Days Left
Bidipass is a system for personal authentication through two-dimensional codes.


31 Days Left
Robots. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. Next-generation leading on-demand Delivery Company


31 Days Left
Alethena is the first Swiss ICO and Blockchain-Asset Rating Agency.


32 Days Left
The BGX mission is to built the most functional payment processing platform on top of a powerful algorithm, in order to add efficiency to the multi-billion mobile industry


32 Days Left
A decentralized platform to build Ecommerce websites on the blockchain.


32 Days Left
Xriba is the first protocol to add transparency to corporate cash flows, making them available on the public Blockchain.


33 Days Left
The Kasko2go token (K2G) will be the fuel of the Kasko2go ecosystem used by customers and Kasko2go third-party business partners worldwide.


36 Days Left
Valorem is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing trust between all users utilizing verifications via the Valorem Platform.


38 Days Left
Revolutionising Affiliate Marketing with the use of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain.

Tuk Tuk Pass

38 Days Left
Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP) provide users the convenience of accessing all travel-related services in one app (seamless travel) and give local businesses more exposure to new customers.


38 Days Left
Connecting all the fragmented markets to make a unified crypto commerce powered by crypto payment.


38 Days Left
Switzerland’s first real estate crypto token.


44 Days Left
The future of healthcare, an advanced & fully operational platform, secured by blockchain, supported by AI.


46 Days Left
Sentigraph is a system that provides predictive insights aimed at improving future events based on emotion data obtained by analyzing users’ reactions to a given event leveraging artificial intelligence (from IBM Watson), blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS - p2p).


48 Days Left
MONETO issue instant loans secured by bitcoins


53 Days Left
Darico is the ideal easy-access currency for aspiring crypto investors, offering the incredible potential of cryptocurrencies but hedged by the safety of gold.


53 Days Left
A Decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform.


53 Days Left
OFNOG aims for the platform to provide the highest level of accuracy, and as such has based its operation on AI and Deep Learning algorithms, which are the latest, cutting-edge methods in real-time data scraping, trending trend, and future price forecasting.

Gagapay Network

53 Days Left
Platform for creating affiliate, referral, network marketing, loyalty reward and bounty programs powered by smart contracts.


56 Days Left
Tripago is an upcoming decentralized travel platform targeting trillion dollar travel industry, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain technology to revolutionize the travel industry with its one stop solution to all travel needs.


69 Days Left
Marketplace For Travellers And Suppliers Based On Blockchain.

FIC Network

69 Days Left
Bonds on Blockchain Issue and Invest in Fixed Income Assets with Crypto.


69 Days Left
The World’s Most Sophisticated Green Energy Network.


69 Days Left
Quantitative investments in decentralized economy.


69 Days Left
The first peer-to-peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing capacities


72 Days Left
Fast and Secure Decentralized Exchange Platform.


90 Days Left
Aautobay is the first descentralized e-commerce platform to buy, sell & auction any vehicle with cryptocurrency.

Hackspace Capital

119 Days Left
Hackspace Capital is a fund based platform that finances innovative hardware startup teams with cutting edge products and technologies.


130 Days Left
A peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace.